3 Hours to play at a venue to suit you


I have devised a technique for making printed images which can be attached to stones.
I have a broad selection of themes from animals, butterflies, trees to fantasy and fictional creatures.

Face 1. sq TRANS lighter .png
Sun sq lighter 2 Trans .png

We devote a short time on this workshop maximising the potential of your natural handwriting.
If you are not happy with your own hand writing you can combine IMAGE-transfers with WORD -transfers.

Trees sq 1.JPG
Dancers sq. 2 .JPG
Deep peace sq. .JPG
Pass it on TRANS .png

I have a gorgeous selection of iridescent pearl-colours and fairy dust to embellish your transfers.
Be as bling or as subtle as you wish!
The finishing touch, to make it really personal, students to complete their stones with messages.
At that point I share my collections of quotes.

give others 1 sq liter .JPG
Fish Peace sq 2.JPG
Butterfly. squared. .JPG
Yellow butterfly .JPG
Escher sq .JPG
Moon child sq .JPG

All 3 hour workshops can be experienced at a place and time to suit you and your friends.
If you would like a shorter workshop I’m sure we can work out the ideal time for you.
If preferred this technique can be learnt as part of the Whole Day workshop “Feathers, leaves & transfers”