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Whether you receive the complementary bag or indulge in a gift box a ‘Care Ticket’ will be included.

I have done my best to ensure that your stone is light-safe and durable, (however leaves and petals may fade a little, naturally over time)
I recommend you treat each stone with care: keep out of direct sunlight & away from oils & spirits.
Be aware that excessive handling may result in wear and tear.

Enjoy X
If you have any further questions about caring for your stone feel free to contact me.

There will shortly be a range of stones available for outdoor display. Whilst I have some confidence that these will be weatherproof, I have yet to conduct thorough tests to ensure durability. You can help me with this.

In return for a £5 voucher, all I ask is that you send me photos of the stones every 6 months; this voucher can be redeemed against future purchases of any stones or workshops i.e. you can claim this reward each time you send photos.