Whole Day at my studio or venue to suit you

Mask & Sparkle

A rainbow of experience! You can't get it wrong!
This workshop produces the most individual results as there are so many ways to combine the methods and materials

Heart breaks SQU.JPG
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Blue heart SQU .JPG


Any of you familiar with water colour will know this technique.
It’s a bit like batique, the areas you protect with the masking fluid will resist the paint.
You can build up layers of colour and keep adding the fluid to preserve parts you do not want to change, then peel off the rubber-like fluid to reveal the surprising results!

Meet me where the sky... .JPG

My favourite moments in this workshop, when the magic really happens are when things going ‘wrong’ or not as expected and we find a way to ‘rescue’ the work using another process. Necessity being the mother of invention the students surprise themselves and become more willing to take risks and experiment more widely. Then I gaze on in amazement as they produce results which even I would never have dreamed of!

Night Sky multi pic 4 SQU .JPG


I have methods for creating pin-point twinkly stars,milky way effects and perfect moons which most students can master with a little practice

Then there are the pearl powders which can be applied with a paint brush in delicate patterns or simply cover the entire stone in a layer of shine.

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DSC_2223    TRANS.png
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Then there is the option to add glitter or gentler ‘fairy-dust’ Be as ‘bling’ or as subtle as you wish

These work-shops are suitable for anyone, whether you consider yourself artistic or not
Simple techniques allow both the novice and the expert to achieve stunning results
 No drawing skills required
Work in an atmosphere of mutual support  free from the pressure of competition
These workshops will give you the confidence to continue your exploration at home