3 Hours to play at a venue to suit you


What do you see in the stone?

Hippo SQU .JPG
Natural Eye SQU.JPG
Stiching SQU .png

Do you see faces, heart shapes or patterns?
Does the stone resemble a map?

Heart hole SQU  .JPG
Singing mouth SQU .JPG
Map vvlikes.JPG

Does it have intriguing nooks and crannies?
Whatever you see I can guide you in adorning your stone, adding your 'stamp'

Swan SQU lighter  squ .JPG
Sheep squ .JPG
Sun HEart SQU 2 .JPG

This Work-shop will build your confidence by inspiring, encouraging and supporting you in finding your interpretation for each stone

It is an advantage, but not essential to have some drawing skills for this Workshop

You - SQU lite .JPG
You - ouY SQU lite .JPG
Y. uoYlite .JPG