I've created a brand new technique! Be among the first to explore this with me

Wax ship 1photo shpd. .JPG

Using found black & white images of anything  with 3D potential, (e.g. petals, fish-scales...waves),
we paint melted wax over the pictures to create 3 dimensional effects

Wax silver fish square .JPG

Then we choose:

Nichola's Eagle.square lite .JPG
  • Paint with traditional acrylic

Wax Daisy .JPG
  • Treat with metallic powders

  • seal

  • colour with fantastic vivid inks!!

lily pinker  .JPG
Dragon's eye liter .JPG
wax Dragon square lite  .JPG
Wax work .JPG
Wax turtle Square lite.JPG
Wax student square ,lite .JPG
3 wax students lite .JPG