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Feathers, leaves, petals & transfers

Add feathers, leaves, petals & transfers to stones

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Leaves & Petals 4 SQU lighter  .JPG
Flowers 7 SQU Lighter  .JPG
3 suns Transfer SQU TRANS  .png

This popular workshops will teach the techniques I have devised for attaching things to stones in ways which maximise the inherent beauty of both the stone and the addition, be it feather, leaf, petal or transfer.

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Three suns transfer SQU tilted lighter .JPG

Through trial and error, I now know the best way to preserve the delicate, fluffy downy parts of the feathers and which leaves and petals are best suited for stones and so on.
Students report “Working with these natural materials, seems to promote a closer connection with my in-born creativity, and a deeper absorption in the creative process

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Breathe in... SQU lite .JPG
It takes courage SQU .JPG

You can also learn how to create transfers using Japanese lens paper which can be printed with found images of anything your heart desires.
During the class you will work with pre-prepared transfers. Anything from Angels to dragons, insects, animals, compasses and other symbols:many of them silhouettes which look stunning on a multitude of backgrounds. I even have text in beautiful fonts if you are not happy with your own calligraphy.

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Believe & Live SQU .JPG
Thank You SQU.JPG

I have books of quotes and affirmations to complete the stones, many inspired by nature, or you can choose your own.