3 Hours to play at a venue to suit you

M A S K & S P A R K L E

You can’t go wrong with this workshop! 

This is a great course to start with if you’ve never done this sort of thing before
The masking technique involves protecting areas and then adding layers of colour
Then peel off the protection to reveal often surprising results


This technique, combined with the peal and sparkle produce endless permutations and my students continually astonish me with the versatility of their results.

like the moon...Lighter 1sqU.png

The pearl and sparkle lend themselves to any preference
You can be as ‘bling’ or as subtle as you wish

Moon 1 lite .JPG
Nifght skies SQU .JPG
Heart breaks SQU 2.JPG
Warm heartSQU .jpg

I encourage experimentation. My favourite moments on this workshop are when students tells me they are unhappy with their work and we find a way to ‘rescue’ it using another process.
This is when the real magic occurs!

top of the night SQU .JPG
Rise like the sun. squ.JPG

Necessity is the mother of invention! and I look on as they produce results which they would never have dreamed of!